Spring skiing

After a long winter with lots of skiing, then there is more skiing… We have started the training for next season. Just spent a week in Kvitfjell with great conditions. If you´re lucky in and get good weather in the spring, you get great conditions in the morning before that sun heats everything up too much.  Last week was some of the best conditions I have seen all winter. Now its off to Åre Sweden for a HEAD camp. HEAD athletes gathered to test next years equipment. Always fun to see of we can find something that’s faster than what we have. We usually do! We will also be recording some material for next year. A new film. Last year´s “poker” film was a big hit so we need something good again this year.



Its been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. The last part of the season was draining. In the race season you don’t ski that much during the winter. You do some warm up and freeskiing, but the actual skiing in races is always less then 5 minutes. And when you´ve finished your 5 min of skiing you get to talk about it with the media for about 1 hour and 5 minutes. That doesn’t mean that the media is bad. But I´m a skier. And 5 min of skiing followed by 1 hour and 5 min talking about skiing is gets tiring after a long winter. So I haven’t
really had the energy to wright about skiing either. But now I´ve spent some time alone, or at least away from most people. So now I´m back. First I skied a little in the Swiss alps, then I went to Austria to climb the Grossglockner. A fun experience. A lot of people go to the summit of Grossglockner. I think that is impressive, cause the last part is challenging. A narrow spine to climb and walk with something that looks like 1000 meters vertical on both sides. Sure get your heart pumping a little faster.  And with this new energy that I got from spending some time “alone” in the mountains I´m heading to Norway for the national championships. Hope you all have a great last part of the winter and try to get more then 5 minutes of skiing a day!

Exciting times ahead!!


2013 was a great year. Last winter was good and this winter started very good as well. Now its 2014 and the next weeks and months are packed with highlights. First we have big world cup races like Wengen and Kitzbuhel. And shortly after that it´s off to Sochi Russia and the 2014 Winter Olympics. Exciting times ahead!! I feel good, I´m skiing fast and ready to have some fun! First in Wengen and Kitzbuhel. These are to great world cup races with spectacular courses, big crowds and lots of adrenaline. And olympics are olympics. To me that is the best way to put it. It´s olympics! That word bring out so many good memories. Not only from racing, but from being a part of something even bigger than that. Feeling that olympic spirit. Cant wait;) So stay tuned people. Exciting times ahead!!! 

Happy new year!!

Thanks for a great 2013. Every year has its ups and downs, but all its been great. Thanks to all those small and big moments that all together make the life that we live. Let’s make 2014 another great one. Thanks

Blink of an eye

Check out this youtube video!

World Cup Speed


Lake Louise is done and that really does mark the start of the world cup. From here on its races every week, both speed and technical. Lake Louise has usually been good to me, and so it was this year. It was hard to live up to last years double victory. And I was a little worried that I wasn’t well enough prepared. The last two weeks of training before Lake Louise didn’t not go well. First I stretched a muscle and then I was sick in bed for three days. But on race day you just have to forget about that stuff and go with what you’ve got. And seems speed is good this year to. Fast in training run, 4th in the downhill and a win in Super G. So lets try to keep it that way. And in as this US newspaper says, keep crashing(!) those gates…



After a week of training in Colorado we moved north and into Canada to get more and hopefully better training. As I wrote in my last post, my training in Colorado was far from perfect. We got very limited space and time from the americans to ski downhill and super g. And on top of that I managed to pull a muscle and had to take 3 days off. In canada things started out just about the same. We were given the chance to ski as much as we wanted to. But first a snow storm and then me in bed for three days with a cold.. That’s not a great plan for good trainig. But luckly I did get a few good days in the end. And now all of that is history anyway. Its race time! Looking forward to the speed races here in Lake Louise. Always a great place to get the speed tour started.

What´s your limit?

I played an intense game of poker with the HEAD team. Watch the video and go to HEAD POKER if you wanna try and win my ski gear.



We are in Colorado to fine tune the skiing before the season kicks off with speed races in Lake Louise. The conditions here are good, but there are a lot of teams here so it´s hard to get good training every day.  Some of the slopes have rocks in them, so then we cant try our race skis. Trying out your best skis to see what pair is the fastest. That process is usually one of the most important factors when training just before the race season begins. But I have some fast skis from last season that I know is good enough to win races, so I might just have to bring those out for the first few races this season.

The training on the best slopes here in Colorado is great. Probably the best in the world. As we are in USA this is of course controlled by the US skiteam. That´s a great advantage. I wish we had that under control and could get the best possible training everyday for the whole month of November. That would be a huge advantage, not only for the world-cup teams. I think even more important for Europa-cup  and junior teams. So that´s a challenge every nation should look into. Build a training slope that could make snow this early. Not only for slalom, but for full length super-g and good downhill. If you want to get good at something you need to practice. In the winter you’re busy racing, but in November you could get a full month of training and be better prepared for the race season than any other nation. 

Want to design my helmet?!


In February there is a great big event coming up. The Olympics! Olympics are cool. But Olympics have special rules and I will have to change the design of my normal Sweet/Red Bull helmet. So I need your help. Make some cool graphics and I will race with your design during the Olympic Winter games this winter. Check out guidelines at and download a basic sketch of the Sweet helmet to work from. The winner will also get a trip to Kitzbühel to present the design. I’m excited to see what you all think and what’s possible to do with my helmet. Thanks for taking part;) 

Red Bull