Colorado training

Colorado is the place to be in November. With Europe struggling with warm temperatures it seems that Colorado is your safest bet to get good training. The ski resorts here being at about 3500 meter altitude is close to a guarantee that you´ll get low temperatures. Because of this it is also crowded. Almost every downhill team on the World Cup seems to be here. Every day of training is a mini World Cup race. Both on the mens and the womens side. Americans, Germans, Austrians, Swiss and Norwegians training on the same mountain. Looking at each other trying to figure out who looks strong for the winter. Thanks to a good cooperation with the American team we´ve gotten some really good days. Now we´ve got this week, and then it´s off to Lake Louise for the first downhill world cup. I think we´re as prepared as we could hope for, so lets see what happens;)

Skjermbilde 2015-11-19 kl. 04.08.54


Sölden was a tough race. I knew that coming in, but you still hoped to do great. But that’s all history now and its time to fly to America and get the downhill worldcup going! Racing sure is way different from training. Everything about it. Easy to forget that. It´s exciting. And the best giant slalom guys are really good. Impressive level of skiing by the top guys in Sölden. And congrats Ted for being back on top in GS.

SOELDEN,AUSTRIA,25.OCT.15 - ALPINE SKIING - FIS World Cup season opening, Rettenbachferner, giant slalom, men. Image shows Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Daniel Goetzhaber

Photo @GEPA

Race time

It´s time to race again. World Cup opening in Sölden Autria is on this weekend. A strange feeling. It has been more than 18 months since I last raced a world cup race. I did the two races at the World Championships in Beaver Creek last year, so I hope I haven’t totally forgotten everything. I am happy it swinter time again. I might not be perfectly prepared for this race here in Sölden. Its Giant Slalom. And focusing on coming back in the speed disciplines I haven’t been abel to work that much on my GS. But some runs I´m pretty fast and I its for sure worth a try. It´s about time to get that race feeling. Being on the sidelines for so long I feel I need a few starts before I perfectly back in rhythm. So better start here in Sölden and then be 100% prepared for the downhill in Lake Louise. Skiing is fun and racing is exciting, so here we go!!unnamed-5

South America

September might the one month with the most skiing for the Norwegian team. We spend the whole month in South America preparing for the upcoming season. Sure there´s a lot of skiing in the winter. But when you´re racing its just a few runs, and in training you can do 10++. So September is probably the most important month of the year when it comes to actually getting better. And I think we did get better in this year. Like always in the mountains there´s a lot of weather and changing conditions. But staying for a month you´re pretty much guarantied to get some good, and then it doesn’t matter if its not great for a week or two. First two weeks of speed training in Portillo, and then we met up with the tech boys for two and a half week in Valle Nevado. It´s fun to get together with the tech boys(yes, they´re young and that´s why I say boys..) and get a refreshing perspective. It´s easy to do the same over and over again, but skiing with this 10 year younger crew it kinda takes me 10 years back as well. Now we´re back in Europe and we´ll soon start skiing on the glaciers in Austria. The season feels close, and its all about making the most out of the last weeks of quality training. I´m excited about the winter and that its soon time to race again.Skjermbilde 2015-10-03 kl. 12.57.00

Summer update

First of all I want to say that this update should have been posted a long time ago. But I´ve noticed how I never visit websites and blogs anymore. I get the all the info I want from social media. So I figured you´re at least a little bit like me, and I have focused on updating social media. But here we go.    Its August. For a skier that means the winter is almost here. From the end of August till April is all about snow, winter and skiing. Getting as much as possible of  it in the fall, and then make the most out of it when the winter arrives in Europe/North America. So you better enjoy the summer days that you do get. And I have. It´s been a busy summer. Busy training with the guys on the team, travelling around Europe and also spending a few perfect lazy summer days at the family cabin. I´ve also spent a lot of time working on some other projects that have nothing to do with skiing. Trying to learn some other skills and checking out what other exciting stuff this world has to offer. The time that I was injured gave me the opportunity to get to know some new people, and I really enjoy spending time with them and talking about everything else but sports. Sports and skiing is for sure still number one. And most important right now is that I´m healthy and looking forward to the winter. Right now I´m at a ski camp at Passe Stelvio Italiy. The achilles feels so good inside the ski boot that I don’t even think about it any more.  And physically I´m close to the same level that I was before the injury. Thanks to my team mates. “The Attacking Vikings”. Those guys impress me everyday. Great attitude and they´re starting to look super strong. Cant wait to get the whole team together again on snow in Chile in a few weeks. I think we´re looking at another exciting winter for team Norway!


Spring update

My team wrapped up the season with a great world cup final, while I wrapped up the season with a fun powder trip to Alaska. And that Alaska trip marked the end of my winter 14/15 solo mission. Being injured you spend a lot of time by yourself. Doing your rehab training and travelling back and forward between different groups and different resorts to get some ski training.  Cause the show must go on. And winter time means race time. That’s what has priority, and when you cant be a part of that, you find your own way. Not completely by yourself, but its more or less up to yourself to make the best out of the situation. But not anymore. Feels great to be 100% back with the team again. Being healthy enough to take part in the normal everyday activity and not slowing anyone down. We have a couple of good camps and we´ve started the summer dryland training. Was hoping for some good skiing in Austria this week, but weather not cooperating at the moment. But I´ll keep my eyes open for some more skiing. I´ve got some work to do to catch up what I lost this winter! The physical condition is good. I was able to get a lot of good physical training even with the cast on my foot. In fact I was back at my normal maxium squat(leg strength) level just weeks after loosing the cast. Still a bit behind on the running and biking, but its getting there. So here´s to a spring with good training and great sessions back with the boys!

Back to “just skiing”

As a kid I would ski a lot in the winter. That kinda changes once you reach world cup level. There are so many races, that there is very little room for training days. And during a race day there is more talking about skiing then there is actual skiing. In the morning you inspect the course for about an hour. Then you talk to the coaches. Watch some of the other racers and get feedback from your coaches again after they’ve seen a few guys. Then you finally get to ski yourself, but only one or two runs during the day. And then you spend time talking to the media about those few minutes of skiing. Before you look at your run again in the evening and talk to the coaches about how to get better. Its all exciting and competition is fun. But there is not a lot of actual skiing during a race season. Most of the skiing you want to get done needs to happen during summer and fall. But now that I´m not doing races I have way more time to just ski. I´ve been skiing almost every day since I was able to put a ski boot on around mid January. It´s back to how thing used to be when I was a junior, and I like it a lot. Training with the junior team, the Europa cup team and the slalom guys. Like in the picture when Kjetil Lars and I were working our way up. Getting lots of skiing done and working on the technique more than looking at the times and thinking about speed.  Getting a reminder of how fun the pure skiing is, without lots of people around and getting attention from media etc. It´s fun and I think it’s a great way to start preparing for next winter. Cause then its back to “normal”. Ski in the summer/fall and spend the winter talking about skiing

The rest of the season

The world championships in Beaver Creek was a great experience. The whole process of trying to get ready in time was one big challenge. I like challenges. And in the end it worked out, but with a margin of only a day or two. It was probably pushing it a little bit to ski in the world champs. But I felt it was under control. Ever since I left Beaver Creek I´ve been thinking a lot about what to do with the rest of the season.  How I feel on skis being my number one priority. How the injury looks being the number one priority for the medical team. The other aspect is what risks I´m taking with my starting positions for next year. As we all know start numbers make a big difference in ski racing. I feel pretty good on the skis, but I also feel that I missed those three months of skiing. To be back 100% I will need a lot more skiing, but if everything runs perfect I think it would be possible to do some good races. Achilles also looks good. But as the guys at the Olympic center in Oslo said, “you still have three months of rehab training left, dont forget that!”. And then we have the aspect with the staring position. To describe it simple it works something like this; If you are injured you get injury status. An injury is something that FIS says it takes 8 months to recover from. So if you´re back quicker, then you get no injury status. This means that if I start skiing World Cup now I´m not injured and never was. And that means I have the last few races of the season to try and collect the same ranking points that the other guys have used the whole winter to collect. If I don’t collect them I will start next season with a bad start number. I have done the math, and it would be possible to make it happen. But that is if everything runs perfect. Including weather and other factors that I cant control, because I couldn’t afford any races being cancelled. So between the math and good advice from people I trust I have landed on the decision that I will use the rest of this winter to get back to good old shape. In other words no more races. Both skiing and physical rehab needs a lot more work. And this way I have the time to get it done right. Come to the beginning of next season fully prepared and be ready to attack 100% again. Thanks for the support during world champs. That meant a lot!! And it was almost unreal to be back way earlier then I expected. But back at Olympic center it was clearly back to reality. 3 more months of rehab training…

The world championship plan.

So the big question is if I will be able to race the championships here Beaver Creek.  And the honest answer is that I don’t know. But I think I’m close enough that it’s worth giving it a try. So I’ll ski the official downhill training tomorrow and then just take it from there day by day. Will I be good enough to win a medal?? I have no idea. And probably not. I didn’t ski for three months while these other guys were racing around the world. But I’m not taking anyone else’s spot in the championships. I have my own spot cause I’m the defending champion. So I guess this time it’s more for the love of the game. I miss the action. And the fact is that if you’re at the start you still have a chance of success. The only way of having no chance is by not taking part. And I like the challenge. In October most people told me that I was out for the whole winter. I just want to see what’s possible. And here we are. Beginning of February and I do believe it’s possible for me to ski the Birds of Prey downhill here in Beaver Creek. And then we’ll just see day by day what happens. I’m ready to give it a try and then we’ll just take it from there.  Aksel


Skiing Aspen CO

Skiing in Aspen this week . And the skiing is beautiful!! It´s world champion conditions and hero snow. That means you´ll feel like a world champion skiing. And the snow lets you rip crazy sharp turns. Turning like a hero. Add blue skies and you´re probably looking at some of the best skiing on the planet right now. A real confidence builder for an injured athlete trying to make his way back.  You can probably tell I´m pretty excited. That’s what happens when you walk around on crutches looking at all you´re friends skiing all winter. You miss it. And then you start nice and slowly. Hoping things work out. And it kinda does, but not 100% like you hoped for. But then these sweet conditions come along and give you that extra little help you needed. Skiing is a lot of fun on days like these. This week in Aspen is turning out to be real good. Or real awesome as I should say here in America. 

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