Having trouble because of too much snow is in many ways a good thing. Snow is good for ski business. And we’re all a part of the business. But as a racer and an athlete days like todays like today are tough. We want to compete under equal and fair conditions. But sometimes that’s not possible in the mountains. I saved a 5th place and Kjetil got 4th. We didnt have good conditions but it could have been worse. The poor guys that started first had no chance. Racing is less fun on days like today.

  • amazon;)

    Bra! :) … hm, bestimmt sehr müde jetzt… slapp av litt! 😉 …die Sonne scheint, die Berge sind verschneit, haha, wie herrlich schön!! Nyt det… det er hjertevarmende! Ha en fin avslappende resten av dagen… og hils Jansrud! :)
    Enjoy your day my dears… best, out in the sun and in the snowy landscape! :)

  • Nicoletta

    Twitter: You are so right, Aksel! Ted’s style of skiing is just wonderful, almost unreal!!

    Congrats to you, Aksel, again in the top ten!!! :)

  • Nicoleta Ilie

    All sports in which competitions are held outdoors and especially winter sports are dependent on weather conditions. It was evident that not all athletes have received the same chance in the race of yesterday and maybe today will be the same. You and Kjetil try to handle it there as you can. I always support you in good times but especially in hard!
    I am convinced that the joy and jokes between you two as yesterday will be repeated in the future. You are very good skiers and good friends so as I said yesterday rivalry is constructive and will stimulate you both.
    There is still some time before the first run starts… so concentrate to safe skiing and good luck guys!

  • AQUA E.G

    Aksel’s DH jumps were sooo excellent and beautiful in Val Gardena!! Love it! ゚+。♡。(*♡∀♡*)。♡。+゚ What a skier!! Tusen takk!

    ❥✧☃ GS, 16.-Des2012. Alta Badia, ITA☃✧❥
    Bib#12 . . . Aksel
    Bib#11 . . . Kjetil
    Bib#25 . . . Truls
    Bib#30 . . . Leif
    All the best Norsklandslaget! ꒰✩’ω`ૢ✩꒱
    ❄ v+v【Ⓢ】v+v ❄

  • Lars Skattebu

    men sikkert morsomt for publikum at det for en gangs skyld skjedde noe spennende etter at du og Kjetil hadde kjørt 😉

  • corinna

    yes the poor guys who was getting down first!

    really hope that tomorrow will be better!

    good luck for you!

  • MG

    Funny picture in a way: course workers doing everything imaginable with all possible tools, going in all directions… :)

    And yeah (sigh), outdoors is definitely not a windtunnel as far as equality is concerned… :)

    But nil desperandum! Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Good night, have a good rest and get up full of energy. Rooting for you, Aksel!

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