Schladming 2013


The FIS Alpine ski World champs i Schladming are over. For me they have been over for two days more. I jumped straight on a plane to go somewhere warm and far away from the ski world. The championship in Schladming was great in many ways. I got a gold and a bronze. But even better and more impressive was the atmosphere and the crowds. Every single race was packed with ten-thousands of spectators cheering on the racers. Thanks for bringing that atmosphere. For an athlete it’s amazing to race with that kind of backing. But outside of the arena its also draining. My schedule has been Adelboden, Wengen, Kitzbuhel and Schladming. That’s the four biggest race destinations of the year. So these three days away from the ski scene has been very welcome. On a side not I most also admit that I’m a little bit of a psycho. A raced for medals in all for races I took part in, something that I’m proud of. I got medals in two of them. But in the other two I missed them by margins. A gate that passed on the wrong side of the slalom ski, or 0,04 sec behind the bronze. That happens, and I have mixed emotions about it. I should be happy about what I did, and not think about what went wrong. But I think what I’m feeling is what every competitive athlete would feel. Thinking about what can be improved to do better in the future. It’s psycho, but it’s also just being an athlete.

  • .xX LaTina-TMW Xx.

    Mr.Wordchampion 😉
    In Schladming i had the big honour to accompany you after award ceremony from the medals plaza to the AUDI lounge… and our secret route through the suisse house kitchen was really funny & i´ll never forget 😉 So no worries… u´re definitely NOT a psycho, ur´re a great sportsman, a skiing rockstar & a real gentleman as well, which gold medal run was outstanding @ the `WM`!!! So big up & good luck for the next races. keep skiing!!!
    cheers´n takk for the “epic” pic ;)™Xx.

  • pipi

    … mei, des lasst mer koa Ruah… race or not race?… crazy or not? (who suggested this insane Qs)… if you race, and I know you will do this weekend (un i wär ah no live dabei… na, mal schaun…), I do not want to see *normal performance*… none wants to see just solid average work and normal performance in a WC-race!! Jo mei, des schaut aber grad a bisserl so aus… hmmmmm!?! Okay, your buddy Kjetil is not with you… at any rate not at the same place… but for sure he is with you. In the end it is your race, your special performance and you can do it best and always with a lot of support(ers). *Crazy or not*, that is not important. Those who judge other people, are mostly blank, frightened and uncomprehensive guys, who do not (want to) understand or/and accept some really *brave and risky Äkschen*, that you definitely do and dare. A Tomba *La Bomba* (in fact he was a succesful and extraordinarily good technical skier, but did he race a really brilliant downhill? ;p) I bet in the end he fears your competition, hehe… in different matters) read his quoites and just laugh about his craziness–A-Life.html?page=all … Superhuman, supernormal, excellent performances, all risky doings like yours, are easily *dismissed as crazy* and impractical, impossible or unreal… by most! But 1) You are *not the most* (and hope you do not want to be… some want, I know, it is so much more comfortable, ach ja.) and 2) risky and brave doings are practical and real. You know that. The only thing, that is important to know and to *concentrate on* is (not only for you – for all of us!!!): What are you able to do? What are you willing to do? And what is your *passion and profession*? You know that very well Mister!! Well, and then you know exactly *Who you are*. It is easy. ;p) Show what you are… and what you can and show your *wild side*… may some call that crazy or what ever, it is okay, it is a natural manner to express yourself in your utterly useful power. Do you remember the Tiger grrrrr? … it is just an image, but it is a *powerful image*, indeed…;p)
    Come on *Genious Racer*! Servus… gutes Gelingen und viel Vergnügen… :p)

  • AlinaM

    I wonder if you’ll be racing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen this week-end. I have already checked out the time they broadcast the races on eurosport and am waiting to see how it all goes, who will win what :-). If you do race this week-end, good luck, stay focused and don’t think about Schladming – you did very well there, but it is a closed chapter. As most people said here, it is quite normal to analyze what went wrong and try to improve things. (But I’m sure you already know that, don’t you? :-)
    Go, Aksel!

  • pipi

    I would not care about other people’s chatter…lass die alle quatschen!!! ;p) pfirti

  • vessela

    The only thing I can do is to be sorry we don’t have Bulgarian alpine skiers as you – me too

  • Andrea

    Your performance in Schladming was great. Be happy with what went good there, and don’t think too much about what went wrong. I think it’s normal, that we all are constantly seeking to get better or to do something better. That’s the basis of development. But now feel comfortable with your success.

    In Schladming it was my first time to be present at a ski race. I enjoyed the atmosphere and to make the day perfect, you won the downhill race. Although I’m an Austrian, my dreams got true. I wanted you to win, and you got it. Thank’s a lot : )

    Your performance in the ski racing circus ist outstanding, but for me even more impressive is your fairness, your enthusiasm, your cheerful charisma and your friendliness.

    Stay, what you are and be proud of that.

    Good luck furthermore and be safe!

  • Cindy Hansen

    Perfectionist yes, psycho, no. You analyse every race, regardless of the outcome no? It seems normal, a desire to improve, to do better, to be the best. That is what makes you a world class, elite athlete.

    Enjoy the happiest moments and learn from the rest and remember that sometimes ‘shit happens’ and cannot really be controlled, so don’t spend too much time on the stuff that cannot be changed. Hope the vacation helped in every way.

    We are all cheering for you every time.

  • Juergen Lahnsteiner

    solution nr.1: get a better bib in the next super g! 😉

  • Sharon

    A prepper is prepared…not necessarily psycho.

  • Andrea Berghammer

    I can understand your feelings! To evaluate is slick and necessary! But then tick off! You gave your best! I hope you have a clear head now! Liebe Grüsse

  • ;)

    haha, toll!:) Hab in dieser größe noch ne Flasche seit Jahren im Keller… aber nen tollen ‘Roten’;).. it was a present from a French event nearly 10 years ago… oh weia, so lang schon her!!;) I always waited for a very special occasion to open it… hm, it is still closed and lays in the cellar… Axl, happy you, you should pop the corks, celebrate yourself and the very special occasion you have had just a few days ago and share it with your dearest… quickly as possible… otherwise it may happen, that it lays a loooonger time in your cellar…;) and it gets no better, haha. Think, I open my bottle today… well, I celebrate my special day, jaaa!:))
    Ha det… god natt:)

  • AQUA E.G

    i remember having read the article about “Folk ved fjorden”.. Something sustainable, something repeat, something endless, i feel these have the deepest truth.. (๑′ᴗ’๑)
    The farmer loves to get a coffee maker. He loves to use it everyday. He loves to fix the broken one. And he loves to use it which has some new parts again. Tasting the delights and bitters in his life. All people says, “i NEVER want to taste any bitter experiences”. Of course, me, too. But no man is perfect. We visited this Earth what for we do want to taste all kinds of feelings including bitters. And we’re tasting them now, ja, all timings are always perfect.
    Enjoy to taste its mixed feeling! Enjoy and forget!(.◜ω◝.)

    When we taste something new in the sustainable + repeat, we discover new, we understand new, we find Love in it…i feel so. A skier who is keeping to ski for one decade, two decades, is so on, i guess.

    If a person would want to have something new;it means “switch-ON DNA of oneself which is sleeping”, that’s an easy way. (^_^) Our gene technology j-professer says, “Have the 16 hours fasting per one week. Eat your lunch at 12:00 after 20:00 dinner last night. Fasting is waked up some your DNA.” .. in the off-day.(^ _ ~) -✧
    >>> ஐ >>> ஐ >>>

  • pipi

    Every *Genius* is a Psycho… or better to say *extraordinarily neurotic*, simply *crazy*, hehe… so take it bravely or go the *normal way* of life!! But I am sure, you do not want to, don’t you? ;p) Servus un lass krachn…

  • Meglena Mladenova

    I think your performance in Schladming was very good – two medals (gold and bronze)! You are not a psycho! It is normal to think what to improve, because it is your job and if you want to succeed you must think on this way! I was so proud with you during your racing, no matter I am not Norwegian (I am Bulgarian) and I can imagine how proud were Norwegian people. The only thing I can do is to be sorry we don’t have Bulgarian alpine skiers as you!

    So….. I think you must be happy and enjoy your short vacation, you deserve it!

  • Miluše Friedmannová

    Aksel, you are no psycho but as Nicoletta writes -hardworking, solid,very perfectionistic and wise racer… and therefore we fans believe that you´ll continue in your successful races. Take a rest now and with the new strenght to the end of WC! You´ll be 1. overall!!! Enjoy your short holiday now!

  • Simplyburgenland

    It was fantastic to watch yet I can understand your need to relax in the sun and laze on a beach ! I just want to thank you and actually all skiers for the great show you give us. My favorite sport at the moment.

  • me

    Gönn dir eine Pause!!!
    Pausen sind wichtig!!!
    …dann geht’s wieder Erfolg 😉

  • amazon;)

    Oh ladd, det er viktig å reflektere noen ganger…sikkert, hm, men mener, du har gjort en bra jobb… as usual, haha!!;) Well, it is necessary to improve and develop yourself in all areas of life. We learn from each single experience and we can improve, sometimes reinvent, ourselves… day by day.;) Men nå, nyt og føl stille tid, naturen og den varme solen…:))) bare litt mer! klem:)

  • Josediego Villanueva

    Schladming has been amazing and we had a wonderful time watching the races on the TV with the kids at home. Thanks for your great performance! You raced as a big favorite and maybe it made you feel more pressure. I think Hirscher lived the WM in the same way; he says in an interview that Slalom race was a really hard day… You are human and need some deserved rest! But according to the way you use to hardworking, you are no so psycho but gladiator! You are an inspiring person for all ski-lovers and a model of courage for youth.

  • pez

    What would the good moments be without the “not so good” ones? I guess we wouldn’t appreciate them so much. If everything’d be perfect all the time .. how boring! 😉 Congratulations on what you’re achieved, it’s been really really amazing! Enjoy your well deserved hols*

  • Stefanie K

    you’re not anymore psycho than other people 😉
    you did great in Schladming but not everything went the way you wanted it to go. Therefore it’s alrigt to reflect on what went wrong so you could maybe do something different the next time and improve it.
    Just don’t dwell on it too long, it might go the wrong way 😉

  • DreaMontania

    Being psycho keeps us sharp. Missing a big goal by just a heartbeat keeps us grounded. But most importantly success keeps us going. Wise words ehy ? 😛 Thanks for great moments of sport. Keep on smiling :-)

  • Peter H. Cloutier

    So what? We’re all psychotic in some way. It’s rather motivating and reassuring, isn’t it, that something so possesses us that we cannot let it go? It sure beats apathy and acceptance of mediocrity. What makes a world-class athlete just that little bit better than another athlete? It’s hard to see on the TV other than the result. Steve Jobs, per the biography released last year, was as psychotic as a person could be without being insane; look at the wonders that he dreamed up when sleepless at night! It has to be the explanation why you win races that other excellent skiers fail to win by a whisker.
    Yeah for psychotic!!

  • Sarah Federspiel

    Die kurze Auszeit ist wohlverdient!! Deine Leistung in Schladming war großartig!! Und ich denke, wir werden noch viele tolle Leistungen von dir sehen!! Keep going Aksel

  • Sharon

    Way to be psycho!! Keep being that way if you get the results you are after.

  • Kerstin-akselized

    Never a psycho!
    Always a Attacking Viking!!!
    Go Svindi!!! 😉
    Have fun and be safe!

  • Erica Wells

    Well done your a star !!!!!

  • micka

    Enjoy the surf? You and Didier are great ambassadors for the sport and always give 100%

  • pipmax

    Hey, you are a passionate racer who always want to achieve the best results, that’s what a racer is meant to be, it would be wrong to see it any other way. Sure it is a shame to miss a medal by a margin, but thats life, Makes it not easier to deal with,I know,

    but there is just one more thing

    Did you hear “Svindi gemma” !!! which means “Svindi go!!”, so many people were cheering for you, first place or not. You are loved by a lot of people around the world because of your kindness, no matter if you manage to be at the top or not. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. !

    So Svindi go ! You have our support !

  • Ingrid

    You are no psycho, you’re amibitious! Enjoy your vacation :)

  • Nicoletta

    In my opinion, you are a hardworking, solid, and very perfectionistic ski racer, thats all, Aksel! Far away from being a psycho! LOL

    Like your idea to escape for a mini-vacation at the beach. This is exactly what you needed right now!

    The season hast not yet ended, take a deep breath, and start again with joy for the last bit of the season! Good luck, Aksel!

  • Sven

    Hey Aksel,

    with winning the DH title you accomplished a lot! To win that title on that hill was absolutely amazing and one of the best races I’ve seen from you. Pure determination and real race intelligence.

    On the other hand you’re right – you could’ve done better in SG and GS. In SL you can always make a mistake so the SC was just bad luck. Good for you to think that way – will make you even better at the next Games!

    Now back to WC – hope you haven’t counted yourself out of the overall title. Hirscher is in amazing shape right now – but every streak will end somewhere. You should be ready to bring your “A” game to Garmisch and then to your homeraces.
    Bring it on, man!

  • Radu

    Have a nice mini vacation Axel! You deserve it!

  • Katelijne

    You’re absolutely not psycho: that is simply the way professionals handle what they do (and many of us were frustrated about those lousy 0.04 sec!)

    Nevertheless you should be very happy and very, very proud of what you have achieved! Hey, you’re W-O-R-L-D champion so your kind are pretty unique :-)

  • Caro Wendt

    You´re right – Schladming was amazing! Thinking about what can be better is absolutly the right way in every kind of life, i think. Psycho are other things :-)
    Now on to Garmisch!

  • vessela

    yes – you should be happy, and yes-we should all try to improve. anyway, sometimes despite all efforts, it is just not meant to be.

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